Kenneth Chau's (b. 1985), New York, New York) artistic practice combines aspects of photography and performance to reflect on his research on spiritual androgyny, his innate interest in symbols, gender, botany, landscape, and geographic places of transition and transgression.  Primarily expressed in series of self-portraits, Chau embodies multiple and eclectic roles that are channeled through his chosen medium of photography.

Having recently received his Master's in Science in Social Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh, Chau received his formal artistic training, first from Parson's School of Design, holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Photography, and a Master's in Philosophy in Fine Art from the University of Edinburgh.  He is notes as being the first and only recipient of this degree from the University of Edinburgh in their 435 year old history.

Solo Exhibitions

2007  Luna Regnum Chapter I: Birth, The Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery, Shanghai

Group Exhibitions

2015  New Generation in Taipei by HAGAI, Openspaxce Bae, Busan, Korea
          GÖSTERİŞ, Arte Sanat, Ankara, Turkey
          Ritualized Body, AroundSpace Gallery, Shanghai
2012  Kompas, Sculpture Court at the Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh
2011   DOCument, Sculpture Court at the Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh
          Who’s Self Portrait? Joy Wai Gallery, New York
2009 Féminité: Moussier et Chau, La Plantation, Alliance Francais, Beijing
2008 Shanghai International Photography Week, Song Jiang Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai
          From Afar: Documenting Traditions, Witnessing Transitions, The School of the International Center of Photography, New York
2007 Rising Prospects, Flying Blessings, EpSite Epson Moganshan Gallery M50, Shanghai
          BFA Parsons Photography Thesis Exhibition, Calumet Gallery, New York, USA
2006 Exposition Fin D’Année, Espace Commines, Paris, France
2005 Think Culture, Arnhold Hall, New York

Selected Bibliography

2015  Aspects of Androgyny in restraint & hijara, “A Gender Issue,” Issue No 4, HAGAI, Taiwan
2014  Encounters with Androgyny Through the Visual Practice of Forrest Bess, Martha Wilson and Kenneth Chau, Masters of Philosophy  Dissertation. University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Selected Lectures & Conferences

2012  New Forms, Pratt Institute, New York. Organised by Martha Wilson
          Selected Research from Encounters with Androgyny, University of Edinburgh
2011   Current Research in Progress by Kenneth Chau, University of Edinburgh
2010   Unraveling Narratives, University of Edinburgh